Video jumping on all DVD's regardless of program! ARGH!

8 Oct 2006
Hey guys, I have an Evesham laptop that has been fairly highly fitted, but keeps on dropping ridiculous problems, now my wireless etc is sorted..

Whenever I try and play a DVD I have problems.

- Windows Media player 11 claims it cannot run it due to problems with my color and resolution setttings (32 bit color and my standard wide 1280x800)

- Windows media player classic it chops and spurts slightly, not so its unwatchable, but its not entirely pleasent viewing..

- VLC - Chops and spurts moreso, so that its not actually worth watching..

Is their like a "master driver" for video i need? Or something wrong with my DVD drive?

I am running an ATI X1600 with the official ATI driver currently, and it seems to handle games and internet videos nicely.. hmm..

Appreciate any help thanks guys..

Alex J. Holland
19 Oct 2002
Check in the 'Device Mangler' that the DVD drive is in DMA mode and not PIO!... if it is in PIO the bext way to change it (albeit a bit silly) that I found makes it keep the DMA mode is:

Change it to DMA... Delete the IDE channel the drive is on... Reboot and let Windows re-install the IDE channel...

It should then stay on DMA (be it Mode2-33 or Mode4-66).

If it's already one DMA then try closing ALL other programs (even AntiVirus etc...) before playing a DVD.

Sim :)
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