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What would a gamer do?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ceaton88, Dec 12, 2019.

  1. Gray2233

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    I never said you needed to remove carpets.

    It's just easier to keep cables in general out of sight by running them under carpet, I wouldn't go to the extent of pulling my carpets up to run a wire though. I don't like the look of cables running along the skirting of my walls personally. The OP has only just moved into his new home, he might not have anything down yet.
  2. Yadda


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    Blame BFV's new TTK. :p
  3. 4Play


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    I've been using a power line adapter (the same one in fact) for over 6 years in 3 properties without issue.

    The main drawback is dependant on the distance you won't get as fast a download speed. Ping however isn't an issue.

    I have heard certain wiring and house layout can pose problems though. Something to be aware of.
  4. Bassmansam

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    I usually get around 12 ping with powerline in my flat. Fine for online gaming.
  5. Liquidfox


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    Get a BT extension socket put wherever you want to connect the router and connect it there instead. I've had my router connected to a BT Extension socket for years and never had a single issue. A powerline adapter provides connectivity to the rest of the house.
  6. Conscript


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    Powerline adapters caused my router to disconnect almost constantly. In the end, I had to ditch them and resorted to running a proper network cable. I think this was a problem related to my router (BT Smart Hub), and I know they work faultlessly for others, but something to bear in mind if you use BT or Plusnet equipment.
  7. NVP


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    Psh, rookie. I'm on triple digits pings these days... ******* sky
  8. Will Gill

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    I've wired up countless listed properties which cannot have structured cabling for preservation purposes. All of them were statistical arbitrage traders, ping times and packet loss are critical to these guys, way more than a gamers ping time.

    They all used powerline adapters, albeit the expensive models.
  9. SixTwoSix


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    @NVP Ah man, so higher is better, dammit ;)

    I've been with BT for 6 years using powerline adapters, 1 year with Vodafone using them in my current house, neither caused me any problems. I think maybe it was a dodgy smarthub rather than a general BT issue.
  10. balky12


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    Powerline adapters here. With BT. I get 80-100mb through the powerlines with single digit pings.
  11. Threepwood


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    Move house, life is too short.
  12. Conscript


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    Most probably, but I seem to remember finding a few other people with similar issues. I'm not sure how it was caused, but it had me tearing my hair out for a good while. I was back and forth with Plusnet because I was convinced it was a general connection issue. Then I realised the problem only occurred when I used my PC, connected via a powerline adapter...wireless devices, and the devices connected directly to the router were fine. I borrowed a 30m CAT5 from work for a few days and ran it up the stairs to the PC...and the problem immediately went away.

    I had this problem both with a BT Smart Hub and a Plusnet Hub One...think these are very similar internally. Not sure why but they just hated my powerline plugs...they weren't, particularly cheap or anything though (TP Link IIRC). Never really got to the bottom of what the actual fault was...I can only think it was some sort of interference, but it actually caused the router to lose broadband connection entirely.

    Just to say, I also tried buying different powerline adapters as well, but had the same issue. I didn't fancy trying to buy an aftermarket router to eliminate that (having already tried 2, albeit similar ones), which is why I ditched the powerline and ran a cable. Which was annoying becuase powerline adapters are really quite an elegant solution.
  13. something daft already!!


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  14. Quartz


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    Put router by master socket, run cable to PC, run cable to Wifi access points.
  15. Hades


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    I used powerline for years and didn't notice any significant ping difference compared to ethernet. Throughput is slightly higher with ethernet but for games powerline is fine if the wiring in your house is modern.
  16. Flibster


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    My router is in the centre of the house, connected via a cat6 wired RJ11 to the master socket by the front door which has the microfilter built in. Just those 2 changes increased my connection speed by about 15%

    Then just gone gigabit throughout the rest of the house. Already had a couple of holes in the corner of the ceilings in a couple of rooms (previous owners ran cables that way :rolleyes:) so could just drop a couple of cat6 cables through there for upstairs.
  17. NoobCannon


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  18. Psycho Sonny


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    I used powerline for a while but I wanted to get the best plus cables are really cheap. Cheaper than decent powerline kits.
  19. Puzzled


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    Cable is always the best option if possible, if not power adaptors. How fast they are depends on the house wiring, I've had the same ones be brilliant in one place and terrible in another, usually the speed drops if it has to pass from 1 ring to another (downstairs circuit / upstairs circuit) but worth a try anyway.

    If you are doing the place up then use the opportunity to add cables to other places as well, living room tv, bedrooms, office etc
  20. G-MAN2004


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    Move your desk next to the front door.