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What's the best Intel processor with this MOBO?

2 May 2017
Hi all,

For 2021, I'm looking to deepen my understanding of PC's, eventually hoping to build my own. In the past, I've just gone to companies like Overclockers and had a machine built. I know that with more understanding I can get more power from them.

I'm currently trying to understand CPUs more, and in particular what I need to be able to run them.

I'm using my current setup as a baseline. So, I have the ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming motherboard, currently with an i7 9700k CPU.

Though I;m not really looking to upgrade, as a learning point I am curious as to what the max processor this motherboard can handle is (and why). So if, for example, I wanted to get a 10900 or 10940x, would the mobo be able to handle it and if not what would I need to be looking for?

If anyone is able to educate me I'd be grateful!

With thanks,

27 Apr 2007
Your board won't work with 10 series chips.
Check the webpage for your board to confirm what it supports and what BIOS revision is required.
23 Mar 2011
West Side
You need a new motherboard z490 if you want a 10900 which is a diffrent socket.

The 9700k is a great chip so i wouldnt be upgrading that unless you need more cores, and the most you could upgrade to is a 9900k.
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