Wireless all-rounder headphones (over ear)

2 Nov 2020
I'm after a good set of over-ear wireless headphones, which can work well for a variety of scenarios. These mainly include:

1) Playing solo FPS/RPG games on my PC (can be used wired or wirelessly) or on my TV in another room (must be wireless)
2) Listening to music on my Android phone via Bluetooth (AptX)
3) Watching films/TV on my TV via Bluetooth
4) ANC is preferable
5) Don't look like a gaming headset if wearing them in public
6) A built in microphone would be a plus, but I'm unlikely to use it much
7) Between £150-£200

I can't seem to find any that meet these requirements and don't break the bank. Most that I've researched are either gaming headsets, using 2.4GHz which doesn't work with my phone or TV, those with Bluetooth lack AptX, or the headset looks very gamery). Or they're standard headphones, but they also seem to lack one thing or another.

I like the look of the Sennheiser Momentum 3s, however they're very expensive.

Can anyone make any recommendations?
2 Jul 2019
I have a pair of original Momentum's and they're nice for music but for gaming, nah, soundstage is poor. But have no idea if the sound has changed with the newer ones, especially seeing as the new ones are wireless. Mine were ~£280 wired with no ANC. They are high quality and very comfy though!

I think you want too much if i'm honest. I'd probably be looking at going wired as a compromise, or ditch the gaming/movie preference. Alternately a portable and home pair might work for you better, but then you're sacrificing audio quality.

I just looked, Beyer have the Lagoon ANC. Never heard them myself but i prefer the Beyer sound which is quite bright.
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