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I have made the dash mount because I didn't like any of the existing ones available. I really liked the mount that my old Garmin Nuvi satnav had so I bought a spare Garmin mount on ebay (2.68) and a Desire black rubberised hard case (1.85) and set to work on my mission.

The result is a pivoting, rotating and rigid mount that's super quick and easy to attach the phone to and does not vibrate at all in my car as I found the 9 mount to on rough roads.

Oh and because the case itself is made for the phone the camera lens is not obstructed so videos can be recorded and so on while driving etc.

Mount I previously bought online (9):

Mount I just made (4.53 total cost):

Rear of DIY mount, the case is attached using mirror bond sticky pads (the thin ones) instead of the proposed Araldite glue - just in case it did not work out :

Detachable for storage (not easily possible on other mounts as they're so big):

Compared to old mount:

Here's how the hardcase normally looks:

eBay links to products:
Garmin Mount:

Here's a quick video showing how easy attach and detach is and also the sturdiness:

People have asked how the mount is attached to my dash and if it's glued to it (!), no glue at all! Garmin satnavs come with a stick on base plate which I've previously stuck on to my dash. You can buy these plates if you don't have one on eBay for cheap. I bought several back in the day for various cars etc that I would be driving and some spare.

You can get the plates here: eBay or buy many of the variations available there too.

They should not leave any residue on your dash if removed carefully although removal is not needed really.

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