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[...] (Note: I've heard it's very difficult to turn off VSYNC with LightBoost enabled, so I'll try to hunt down a new set of instructions for this; keep tuned) Bottom line:
While LightBoost does not benefit everyone, it is an excellent and very unadvertised optional feature in otherwise good videogaming LCD monitors. You can still turn the feature on or off.
I'm gaming with VSYNC=OFF and do not have any problems enabling Lightboost. I see the FPS in game go all the way upto 200FPS in some instances (I have GTX670 OC in SLI). I cannot notice any stuttering or tearing.

I'm using the XL2411T with lightboost since 21-Dec-2012. You can see on the picture below how my stats improved; don't be fooled by how little it seems as these are average stats and with the history going back a year stats change slowly. 19-Dec-2012 is using the old set-up (GTX260 SLI and normal LCD). After that it is the XL2411T driven by one GTX670 OC and then since 12-Jan-2013 GTX670 OC in SLI.

I also tried the 144Hz/120Hz without lightboost but I like the 120Hz with lightboost better. In game I can tell straight away if lightboost is off or on because of the blur.


Edit: this is almost 100% conquest assault. 24-48 player maps.
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