1. Tiggymala

    Talktalk UFO - Any good?

    Does anyone have Talktalk 1gb UFO here? They're currently laying the fibre for my road and my town, I'm looking at TalkTalk ufo because of its price, but does anyone have any first-hand experience with them with UFO? As I've been on TalkTalk adsl2+ for donkey's years now and had no problem...
  2. Ricky14d

    Wifi Mesh 1Gbps +

    I was wondering if you'd be able to help on this one, I'm trying to spec a wireless mesh for an office project. The mesh will be streaming HD video from multiple locations back to a central location. I was thinking of going for a high end gaming router with multiple access points all bridging...
  3. IronVeil

    GT 710 VS R5 230

    Hi. I'm having a mini debate in my head about which graphics card to use. GeForce GT 710 1GB or AMD R5 230 1GB Which one should I use for light gaming?
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