1. Tamas

    2.5 inch SSD install on laptop

    I have got my new laptop NL50RU Clevo with AMD 7 CPU. I was trying to install my 2TB Samsung 860EVO SSD with the SATA flex cable provided but my BIOS can not see the SSD. Any specific trick i have to do during the installation process? I was disconneting the battery first, then install the blue...
  2. Tidgney

    3.5" to a 2.5" Slot OR a way to Secure a 3.5" Drive?

    Hello, Really random this as I know there's tons of information on 2.5" into 3.5" slot but I have the other way. Now there is room for the 3.5" drive. Essentially I have a Lian Li II mesh case and above the power supply there's an area for 2 SSD's however I want to add 2 Hard drives there (I...
  3. flaminbjuggler

    Windows 10 installed on P1 SSD instead of M1 M.2 SSD

    I just received a PC build from Overclockers with an M.2 SSD (1Tb) in M1 position and 2.5" SSD (120Gb) in the P1 position. Windows 10 has been installed on the wrong hard drive: should've been the M.2 one, but has been installed on the 2.5" SSD instead. Trying to get in touch with Customer...
  4. Floob

    Looking for a simple bracket for a 2.5 HDD - cant fin anywhere.

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy these standalone type brackets that are designed for 2.5" drives? The pair of brackets secure the hdd along its length. Here is a pic of what I am after: https://imgur.com/EiDP1uD I can only find mounting kits as opposed to something like this. Any...
  5. Floob

    Is this the right part to buy? New 2.5" disk

    Hi, I'm looking to expand the disk space in my media server. This is the motherboard: https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-Z270N-WIFI-rev-10/sp#sp You can see the server here: https://imgur.com/a/3pk8ydN Would this disk work ok next to the existing 2TB...
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