1. Mylestheone

    Arctic LF2 280mm won't fit properly. Any suggestions?

    So, recently decided to build a new rig after getting a 3070. Ordered an Aorus Pro x570 mobo, arctic liquid freezer ii 280mm AIO and a corsair 4000d case, also ordered low profile ram so I thought I was set..............nope. Initial idea was to mount it to the top, problem is I can only screw...
  2. Roguey000

    280mm top clearance on the Fractal S2

    hi there guys, during the past week or so, ive been looking at cases - theres been soo many! After a long time, ive come to like either the Fractal Meshify S2, or the standard S2. However somewhere I read that there could be an issue with clearance on those cases? - the top radiator is close to...
  3. Ross Thomson

    ID cooling Frostflow 280mm Ryzen 2600

    Bought this cause it was cheap, £50, to go with an old fx-6300. Worked really well although the stock fans only went down as low as 800rpm and were not the quietest but still acceptable. Upgraded my son's computer to an R5 2600 and swapped it over. Unfortunately I broke one of the fan blades so...
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