1. Timmeh82

    Time to replace the 5700XT?

    So I just pulled the trigger on a well priced Ryzen 7 5800X3D CPU to replace my ageing Ryzen 5 3600 which got me thinking.. I'd love to upgrade my GPU as well, but I'm still running a 1080p 60hz monitor. If I replace the 5700XT what is a good pairing for my new CPU and if I plan on moving to...
  2. kennethsross

    Memory Advice: Patriot Viper DDR4-28800 (3600), i9-10900K and Z490

    I'm looking to build a new PC, to replace my current i7-4770K with 32GB. RAW image processing and 4K video rendering mainly, plus Flight Sim. Looking to an i9-10900K or KF. (and an 3060Ti when available.) MY QUESTION. The Patriot Viper Steel DDR4-28800 is a really good price for 2x32GB...
  3. Cadder

    Just any 3600MHz memory?

    Hi all, For my build I need at least 24GB to run my CAD programs. I think 32GB is safe for a few future releases. I will have a 3600(possibly X or XT) CPU on an MSI X570 Tomahawk Mobo. I think the GPU will be 5700XT for now. The idea is to use these stopgap CPU/GPU until I can get what I...
  4. mjeccs

    First Time Build Advice

    Hi guys First of all I have very limited experience building PC’s, in fact the last time I did so was around 12 years ago. My father who sadly passed away did most of the work mind you. I am having somewhat of a dilemma, the primary worry been the availability of parts when the new hardware...
  5. MoBo

    which AMD

    Hiya, Was about to pull the trigger and get the ryzen 5 3600 when I came across the review of the 3 3300x and now I cannot decide which of these to get. Thanks
  6. Skarbd

    Memory options for Aorus Master 2 * 16GB @ 3600

    Hello, So I have been working down the memory tested list provided by Gigabyte for the Aorus Master X570. Now in the list they have tested 4 * 16GB of various sticks, now I am assuming that I could go with that product (the the 2 * 16GB version), since the the 4 * 16 has been tested? The...
  7. Juicy Jama

    Upgrading the Ryzen Wraith cooler

    Hey guys, Just wondering if I should look into this. First time PC owner so not 100% sure. Some of my friends were recommending I get one but when I saw that my Ryzen 5 3600 came with one I thought I would see how it does then contemplate upgrading. So far no issues. When would I have to look...
  8. rich9573

    New Build £800 Budget

    Hi everyone. I’ve built some pc’s before and my friend has asked me to build one for him with a budget of £800. I quickly put one together and wondered if I can get your opinions on it. He will be using it for gaming and other stuff. The most intensive game he plays is GTA 5 at 1080p. Cpu...
  9. slim01

    Gains with small bottlenecks

    Hey guys. Bargain hunter here, it's Black Friday in China (11.11) and I've got the itch. Want to improve gaming fps a little. Just wondering your thoughts on this - If there is no significant CPU bottleneck, is it still worth upgrading a cpu for slightly more fps, increase to 1% low, ddr4...
  10. Phixsator

    4 Dimms won't boot with XMP, B450, r5 3600

    I'm currently stuck getting my 4 dimms to boot with XMP or any setting for that matter. 2 Dimms works fine no issue. This is my second kit. Ram is on the supported list for the motherboard and its 4 identical sticks. No matter the setting, even manually setting it to 1333mhz results in failure...
  11. juno_first

    Ryzen 3600x prime/gpu stable on all cores at 4.4Ghz

    I think its tragic AMD are selling these Ryzen things that say 4.4 on the box, but when installed correctly in most peoples machines they never hit 4.4 even on one thread. Only when applying overclocking techniques can they be pushed to the speed they're sold at. Although, the only way I've...
  12. Trojan Horse

    Ultrawide benchmarks (Ryzen 3600 / 5700 XT)

    I know that Gamers Nexus have been excellent in providing really solid benchmarks. But I haven't found any 1440P UW charts yet. I wanted to compare a £190 3600 to a used £280 9700K. At 1440p (non UW) the Intel gets like 20fps+ OC'd. I ideally want to upgrade to a 5700XT As UW is 34% more...
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