1. Arthaei

    Upgrade 9yr old Titan Scythe 4770k OC PC

    Hey chaps my build is 9yrs old now showing it’s age coming from Overclockers. With around £700 budget but could be flexible, what would you recommend I could do to bring it more up to date? Gaming at ultra wide 1440p aiming for ultra settings at min 120fps. Setup is below: Gigabyte G1 Sniper...
  2. Dale

    CPU Waterblock advice

    Hello, I've inherited some components to upgrade an aging watercooled rig. I'd like to find out if the existing EK waterblock on my current Core i7 4770K would be compatible with a new motherboard and Intel i7 6950X CPU? I can't seem to find a model number on current EK waterblock annoyingly...
  3. Phixsator

    Underclock 4770k for small server use.

    Let me set the background first. Im on the z87 platform powered by a 4770k for my main rig, i also got a z97 mobo and everything else except the CPU for that motherboard. Now i managed to get my hands on a 4790k and 16gigs of 1866mhz ram for around 110 pounds, dirt cheap if you ask me, and i did...
  4. HalfBakedJake

    Great places to acquire older gen CPU's

    Hi All, Been a while since I've posted but I was wondering if any of you know of any great places to acquire CPU's for older chipsets. A friend of mine is looking for a 4770K/4790K to replace his Pentium G3258 on his z97 chipset. Do Overclockers have a dark cobwebbed corner of the warehouse...
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