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    Mobile Data - how to get the most out of my network for home wifi use?

    Hi all, First and foremost, apologies for the wall of text. I know very little when it comes to networks, routers and how to set them up 'properly' but I'm hoping to learn so that I can understand this topic a bit better while looking for advice about something that's been confusing me. To...
  2. JM98

    TP-Link as main with Zyxel LTE7480 outdoor router/antenna - don't get it

    I use the TP-link VR2800 as my main DSL router. as my broadband is intermittent, I have bought a Zyxel LTE7480 outdoor router/antenna and want to connect this to the TP-LINK. I want to keep the TP-Link as my main router and have therefor DHCP activated there and have switched it off on the...
  3. butidontcare

    Huawei 528/Vodafone Gigacube as wired router replacement

    Firstly, I'm close to being a networking illiterate so some of my questions will strike some as naive... I'm moving house to a location where the best fixed line broadband is 1-3Mbps. I've check speeds of three mobile providers in the area and Vodafone has decent 4G speeds. I'm never likely to...
  4. kosymodo

    Advice needed re broadband options

    Hi folks I'm after some advice re my broadband options... I have Three 4G mobile broadband, using a Huawei B535 router. This had been performing fine, but recently has become a right PITA. I'm sure it's not a signal issue, as my iPhone and the wife's Android phone are both with Three, and...
  5. benparker

    4G Routers

    So after moving properties and having to pay a heft cancellation fee to Hyperoptic (landlord issues) I've decided against to try a 4G sim and router combo. Just over a year ago I bought an unlimited data Smarty SIM and the TP-Link Archer MR200 router. Not sure why chose it over a Huawei. For the...
  6. mrk

    Anyone else noticed Virgin Mobile have upgraded download speeds recently?

    Not seen anything posted online about it but just done a few speed tests and am getting 81Mbit down and up to 30Mbit up. The upload has not changed but the download was always 60-65Mbits tops. I know MVNOs typically don't get/utilise the full bandwidth as the parent operator they run on, so I...
  7. Spooter

    Please recommended a budget (Less than £100) 4G Router.

    Hi all, My parents can only get ADSL but my EE mobile can get 30Mbps so its makes sense for them to use the 4G network for faster internet. Please recommended a budget (Less than £100) 4G Router. Any cheap sim card recommendations would also be good.
  8. Hussman

    Wildly Variable Speeds Over 4G

    Hi, My home fixed-line broadband is topping out at about 20mbps. When I run Speedtest on my iPhone (3 network) I get about 30-40mbps. I have therefore purchased an "unlimited" data SIM from SMARTY (which use the 3 network) and a 4g router (Huawei B315). Connection speeds were less than I'd...
  9. englishpremier

    12v 4g router

    Can anyone recommend a good 4g router? At the moment I'm using a Mikrotik groove ac, hooked up to a small USB portable router running OpenWRT. To be to use 4G I need to put my spare phone in hotspot mode. It isn't really sustainable 24/7 day in day out. What I need is a 4G router, with...
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