4k video multimedia pc

  1. Reewix

    Trying to replace my 2 Synology Nas boxes for a better single case plex build

    as the title shows, i am currently running 2 synology nas boxes DS918+ (4bay) DS920+ (4bay) (all 10tb Iron wolf drives and both systems in raid 5) im unable to add to this current setup to due power socket limatations so idealy id like to get ride of the 2 boxes and...
  2. Chrim Holmes


    Hello, been a while since I upgraded, so I'm currently on a 9800GT green edition gfx card. My new screen is 4k, so I'm looking for a graphics card that exceeds 9800gt in games performance, but will display 4k Video for movies. I'm not after playing games at 4k as I'm more of a retro gamer and...
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