1. Cadder

    Working In The EU

    Curious to know if anyone here has any insight into this. UK citizen married to a citizen from an EU country. Both live in UK. Are both able to move and work in EU freely? Ie can the UK national apply for a job in an EU country without needing a work permit?
  2. Savan_P

    Sending Money to Foreign Bank Account

    I have a bank account in India - that I used to use before the COVIDage when travel was allowed! Has anyone sent money to their own foreign bank account in the past? I have come across a service called WorldRemit which seems to offer the transfer for 50p. Looking for some recommendations please.
  3. willhub

    Spec me a cheapo holiday

    Well, first off, shout in the foot, between the 9th and 18th April, right on the bank holiday, flights are sky high. I Keep thinking ok mahbe a getaway for 2 to 4 days in the UK, but train prices are as high as flight prices. Not into hostels, must have a bathroom in the room. I am open to...
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