asus pce-ac68

  1. Ground7even

    PCIE Wifi Card Not Being Recognised (Sporadic) Windows 10 ASUS PCE-AC68

    Hi everyone, I'm having some trouble with a recent upgrade and was wondering if anyone would have any suggestions to fix an issue. I've recently upgraded some parts on my PC - Mobo, CPU, PSU & RAM. I also decided to upgrade from a USB wifi dongle to a PCIE card - this being the first time...
  2. Alex34

    How to get my Broadcom 802.11ac Network Adapter to see higher 5ghz channels

    Hello all. I'm in no shape or form savvy at computer programming or network configuration, hence the reason for creating this thread. In short, I have reset and reconfigured my router (Asus RT-AC68U) and want to have my 5ghz signal operating in the higher channel range (particularly channel...
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