PCIE Wifi Card Not Being Recognised (Sporadic) Windows 10 ASUS PCE-AC68

2 May 2019
Hi everyone,

I'm having some trouble with a recent upgrade and was wondering if anyone would have any suggestions to fix an issue.

I've recently upgraded some parts on my PC - Mobo, CPU, PSU & RAM.
I also decided to upgrade from a USB wifi dongle to a PCIE card - this being the first time I've used one.

Install went fine - I have my graphics card in PCIE x16 slot, Wifi card in x4 and a spare x1.
Wifi card doesn't have a power slot so is reliant on mobo power.

My problem lies in the fact that, randomly, Windows 10/BIOS decides not to recognise my card as a device.

Sometimes it's fine, other times it just wont show up in Device Manager from boot so I have to plug in my USB again.

My mobo is Aorus Elite x570 and wifi card is ASUS PCE-AC68.

So far I've tried;
- Deleting and re-installing drivers
- Physically re-installing in x4 slot (not tried x1 yet)

If anyone knows of any fixes for this I'd be eternally grateful!!
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