asus prime

  1. Supertanks

    Solid yellow light comes on motherboard when powered up

    Hi Guys I have built a small PC; when switched on the PSU; solid yellow light comes on the motherboard; the light stays on when I power up the PC; nothing comes on the screen.:confused: I would appreciate anyone's help with this. Motherboard is Asus Prime A320M-K Thank you
  2. Moz2407

    No Idea How To Plug Case Fan Into MoBo

    Hi All, Really new to PC building (at least this if the first one I have attempted in almost 20 years) and looking for some help with an issue i'm having. I have a ASUS Prime B350M-A Motherboard and purchased a Kolink Void RGB Midi Tower Case to house it. The case comes with an RGB fan which...
  3. SergeyDertan

    Asus prime Z370-A cooler installation problem

    I have mb asus prime z370-A and cpu cooler be quiet pure rock (BK009) When I tried to install it, I`ve got a problem: gape between element 9 and element 14(on the both side) gape photo, scheme Idk if problem with a mb or cooler. more photos: 1 2 I worry if it can cause problems
  4. SledDriver

    Delidded 8700K @5Ghz @ 72-78degC Max under Prime95 @1.424V - good idea?

    Just got a new delidded i7-8700K from 8-Pack and it's very impressive. Running stable at 5GHz idle and 4.7GHz under Prime95, showing 1.424V idle and 1.280V vCore running Prime95 Max heat test and core temps sit between 72 and 78 degC after 1 hour. Seems totally stable. Mobo is Asus Prime Z370-A...
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