1. Shea Gallagher

    Best insurance for modified cars UK?

    Hi, I have a 2015 Audi A5 S line with 20”wheels and spacers, I’m currently with axa insurance for the year is £1009 (24 almost with 2 years no claims,) any other insurance company that allows mods that I’ve spoke to such as Adrian flux and checked compare the market have been around £5000...
  2. Family_Guy81

    Family car for under £20K (used). Audi vs. Skoda?

    I need to buy a used car in the next six months to replace my old VW Golf diesel, and need some advice: - Budget is max £20K. Criteria is car needs to be automatic and petrol. - Mileage is around 10K per yr, and car will be used for town driving, weekend getaways and holidays. - I have a 3 &...
  3. Banana_Bread

    £9k to spend - Recommend me something please!

    I live in London (Uni/gf), commute out to my family’s farm for work. I drive about 40 miles a day 4 days a week. My home in London has terrible parking, therefore I am staying away from anything bigger than a 1 series/golf. I use to have a 120d 2013 but sold it due to ULEZ. I want something...
  4. BusterCusto

    Need Opinions on mid 2000's Audi A3

    Found the magic of my 1L Citroen Saxo wearing off (lol) and have been looking into the mid 2000's Audi A3's as they go for around £1000-£2000 for the sportback models and have even seen some S lines going for that low, What are your guys opinions on them?
  5. Elixir

    Clutch starting to go...

    Hi all, I currently drive an Audi S3 8v (2014), and I’m starting to get clutch slip when accelerating hard in higher gears. I first noticed it a while ago but it’s getting worse over time, as you’d expect. Unfortunately some basic internet research shows that the clutches in these cars are...
  6. HermanMunster

    Which Coupe?

    I've got a budget of around 15K and am looking to buy a second hand coupe. I'm thinking maybe a last generation A5 but keep thinking of some sort of BMW. Has anyone any experience of either or maybe some other suggestions? Thanks
  7. MrMarvelous

    Spec me a motor! (Details inside)

    Looking to downsize from my current Audi A4 2.0 TDi to something a bit smaller, cheaper and economical. I'm open to all suggestions and input. My criteria is as follows: £3,500 budget 4/5 door Diesel 1.8L or smaller Economical/reliable So far i've been looking at the following vehicles...
  8. russell664

    Audi A3 - Issues - Dealer Options

    Hi all, Looking for your opinion on a few things wrong with my car - I bought this car back on the tailend of June this year, a month in it developed a rattle from the exhaust which didn't bother me too much windows forward to now I have had the following issues with it: ESP light came on...
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