1. ikra

    Thoughts on a £500 budget - great camera, battery that lasts a day, and dual sim. Thinking of a refurbished S21 Ultra.

    My phone screen just got smashed to bits. I'm not interested in buying the latest and greatest as I think previous 2 years has seen some great phones. Currently at the £500 mark for refurbished I'm looking at the following. Pixel 6 Pro Pixel 7 (horrendous battery I heard) S21 Ultra Oneplus 11...
  2. FlowSi

    Need advice

    Hello all! Trying to figure out one question, I am currently working on a laptop, sometimes I need to take it to meetings so I want to understand what is better to save battery power to turn off the computer completely or just close it? From a technical point of view, which option has longer...
  3. tacticalx86

    Battery life deteriorates after my iPad battery died

    Hi all, I believe this to be the case with my iPad Air 2020, but also basically every other electronic device with a battery I have owned. The iPad has been great. Battery life fantastic. I never allowed it to run down to 0%, however a while ago it did. Since then, its battery life has...
  4. gizz_mo

    Ford Fiesta 1.4L Automatic Titanium - undercharging issues

    Hi All I'm looking for some advice. I've got a 2011 Ford Fiesta which i have had since new - but as a low mileage driver i have only clocked up 19k miles in 10 years. Everything was running fine with no issues until we were into the latest lockdown and i didn't drive the car for about 3 weeks...
  5. EdenStar21

    Need some advice RMA'ing a laptop

    (wrong section - please delete)
  6. ryanintw

    Is the battery my problem?

    Hi folks, I've got an ancient (five years old) Acer Aspire S7-393. Up until recently its worked like a charm and had more than enough juice to do everything I need. Last week the laptop wouldn't power on. After a quick google I performed a battery reset and everything went back to normal. At...
  7. Samuel Butler

    Black screen

    Hi all. So I’m not the best with PC’s but I know how to do the odd thing here and there. So I have an i7 6700k a gtx 1660ti oc and 8gb of ddr4 ram at 2300mhz. I wanted to ugrade my ram to 16gb so I purchased Hyper X’s 16gb kit at 3200mhz. I have an ASUS h110m - R motherboard and I Have a coller...
  8. Annemacuser

    Battery Replacement for Macbook Air 13'

    Hello! My battery is currently fried due to water damage. I am looking to replace my battery, but do not know which brand would be the best. I have read mixed reviews about ifixit and do not feel comfortable trusting Amazon reviews...I was also hoping to avoid the cost of a new battery from...
  9. Lee James

    Powering my PC and monitor from a battery?

    I'd really like to run my PC from a battery (in a place where I don't have access to power outlets). Can this be done? I know almost nothing about power and electronics. I'd need two separate outlets: one for the PC (around 345 watts max) and one for the monitor (113 watts typical)… call it 500...
  10. No-One


    Hi. Just wondered what everyones opinions are in regards to replacement batteries i.e OEM vs 3rd party, recomended brands etc. The original that came with my 70D is a bit tired (recharge performance shows red). I also have a 3rd party one which completely died today so I'm now looking for a...
  11. viculisov

    Laptop not turning on (battery issue)

    Have had this laptop (HP 250 G5 Core i7-6500U 8GB 256GB SSD 15.6IN) for 3 1/2 years. Problem initially started when charging hole filled with small bits of rubbish, preventing charger from being inserted Once rubbish was cleaned, the laptop turned on, but battery was not recognised (0%, not...
  12. Sirius342

    Gigabyte P35w v5 replacement battery fails to completely boot. Any suggestions?

    Anyone else had any problems replacing the GNS-I60 battery in their Gigabyte P35w v5 ? Do you have to change any settings after fitting a replacement battery? With new battery fitted and disconnected from mains the laptop boots to windows but near end of boot process laptop instantly switches...
  13. Mylestheone


    Anybody currently using a U11+? Received mine last week and its been great apart from the battery life which has been horrible. I get mobile network standby drain which is just chewing through my battery. Even happens on WIFI Users who imported the Taiwan model don't seem to have this problem...
  14. itm

    Anyone own a Samsung Q330? Is 90 min battery life typical for new battery?

    I've just bought a new battery for my Samsung Q330 (running Windows 10). Having charged it to 100% then watched a video using VLC (the video was stored on the hard drive), the battery only lasted 90 minutes - which was shorter than the video! I was wondering whether other Q330 owners could...
  15. theBaner

    The Best SSD for laptop

    I need SSD with longest battery life. Liteon CV1-8B512: Idle 2mW, Typ 0.25 w (no real life test) Samsung 960 Pro: Idle 40mW, Typ 5.1 w 317 min Samsung SM961: Idle 25 mW, Typ 5.9 w 358 min Liteon has lower power consumption but samsung use 3D V-Hand tech which increases battery life. So...
  16. theBaner

    Gigabyte Aero 15 and 14

    So basicly I need to compare display response time and battery life (web surfing). Specs according to...
  17. bsoltan

    Modern laptop battery performance when always plugged in

    Hi all, I'm considering replacing a desktop I currently have twith a laptop that can be plugged in to two external monitors most of the time but also offer portability without having to sync everything to different machines. edit: Oops I should mention this isn't a laptop for gaming, it'll be...
  18. Lordofdeath123

    Li-ion battery : Connected to AC at 100% vs. Charging 35%-75%.

    Hi all. I had a question about battery care. I know neither is ideal, but, of these two, which one is better? 1. Constantly having the Laptop connected to the AC at 100% 2. Charging to 75%, using on battery till its on 35%, than charging to 75% again etc. Ignoring the impracticality of the...
  19. engstrom0304

    Any electrical/electronics engineers here?

    Hi all, I am a mechanical engineer attempting electronics so please be nice :p I have a lithium ion battery pack (about 12V) for an electronics circuit and I have a separate circuit, independently powered by a 9v battery that has the sole purpose of protecting the main battery from over...
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