1. ElT

    Worth the premium for Seasonic?

    I need a new PSU as old one might be struggling. I was looking at the Seasonic range as that's what I had before and I would guess the cables are therefore compatible plus it just seemed a good PSU. But they seem to be significantly more expensive. Example, there's a 1000W Titanium BeQuiet for...
  2. Quartz

    Wire for fan clip?

    I've lost one of the fan clips for my Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler. What gauge wire do I need to make a replacement?
  3. Quartz

    Experience of Bequiet service - LGA 1700 adapter

    I'm having a very poor experience with BeQuiet right now and am wondering if others have had the same experience with them. I have a Dark Rock Pro 4 on my 11400 and am considering upgrading to a 13600 or 13700 (and also considering a Ryzen) so I decided to buy their LGA 1700 adapter. After an...
  4. MT Mods

    Be quiet! Yin & Yang - Twin systems

    Special Thank you to Be quiet!, INTEL and MSI. What's the plan? d I recently won the INTEL Techmesh Challange with a be quiet! 802 case, and decided that with the prize money i wanted to do twin systems. One Nvidia/Intel and the other Nvidia/AMD The theme is Yin&Yang, Black/White, AMD/INTEL...
  5. malccy

    PSU recently becoming noisy - advice on a new quieter one please...

    Hi I have a Corsair 750 watt in my pc and have had it now for three years and all has been well until recently. It has become a bit more loud than previously when under load and have found it takes longer to quieten down after exiting a game. I removed the psu from the case recently and blew...
  6. goldbug

    Ryzen 5900x build, advice wanted!

    Hi all, I'm going to attempt to build a PC from scratch for the first time, and I'd like some advice on the build I'm considering. Really, I want it to be rubber-stamped by people who know what they're doing. :) My main focus is DAW usage (Cubase) so I've selected the Ryzen 5900x as the CPU...
  7. kisserik93

    Case fan for Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X

    Hi! I would like to replace the fans in my newly purchased Phanteks Evolv X. I want the fans to be quiet and it would be good if the performance is high/strong. What do you recommend? Thank you
  8. Space Monkey

    Braiding PSU cables - Query?

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of buying some custom braided PSU extentions, but it's also occurred to me that I could also sleeve my own PSU cables, the thing is, I have a BeQuiet! Dark Power Pro 11 1000w that has a fixed 24pin cable (the rest are modular), so I was thinking that I could braid just...
  9. Robbie_G


    Hi, With the hottest summer we have had in a long time this is the best time to ensure your PC is kept nice and cool. We have below a select few deals available for today and some remaining for the weekend that will ensure your PC is kept lovely and cool. If you are enjoying this lovely...
  10. fastboy

    Be Quiet Straight Power 11 550W review

    Hi everyone. I was recently given the opportunity to test and do a review on the Straight Power 11 550W 80 Plus Gold Modular Power Supply from OCUK,these are my own honest thoughts. My system: i7 8600k @ 4.8ghz Asus Gtx 1070 overclocked and shunt modded. 16GB ddr4 @ 3400mhz Asrock pro 4 MB...
  11. toontoonizer

    i7 7820x temperature advice

    Hi all, Been a lurker for years and finally got round to splurging on a big rig. I'll include the specs below but perhaps useful to put the question i have up here as i am not sure if i have the right section. Essentially, i have an i7 7820x (please no 'but y not Ryzen' questions from the...
  12. Quartz

    HardOCP review Be Quiet Pure Power 10 600W PSU

    Article here. It does not go well. Of particular note are that the PSU failed their tests and has a very restricted operating temperature range compared with other PSUs.
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