1. ennui

    best ddr4 motherboards for 13900k?

    not looking to spend much over 400gbp, want to know my options of the better motherboards to use with 13900k ddr4, would prefer 2x dimm slot.
  2. ennui

    Release date on 2x Dimm slot ddr4 z790?

    Anyone knows if they will release a 2x DIMM slot ddr4 z790 motherboard? Additionally what is the current best motherboard for ddr4, with 13900k?
  3. Jako

    Best Motherboard "LGA 1366" for overclocking

    Ahoi dear Overclockers, I be needing of assistance here This is the benching results of my PC for now: As you can see I have a Supermicro X8DTL motherboard which supports dual LGA 1366 I have 2 Intel Xeon X5670 installed with 2.90 Ghz base...
  4. pete_agreatguy

    Best Handbrake settings for 1080p blu rips?

    Hi all, I use both MakeMKV and Handbrake to rip blu rays. What settings do people recommend for ripping 1080p movies from blu rays? I currently use the following: H.265 MKV 1080p Same as Source:

    The best bluetooth headphones markets offer?

    Dear fellow sound lovers, So yes, that´s the question. Budget, maybe few hundred quids. Thanks in advance, gamblingbulldog
  6. JoelllH

    Looking to buy Budget Gaming Laptop, please help!

    Ok so I have a budget of around $600-$800, I dont have the greatest of knowledge about gaming laptops and what specs I should be focusing on. But could someone please suggest some decent gaming laptops around this budget? I am not expecting to be able to run the most demanding of games at good...
  7. theBaner

    The Best SSD for laptop

    I need SSD with longest battery life. Liteon CV1-8B512: Idle 2mW, Typ 0.25 w (no real life test) Samsung 960 Pro: Idle 40mW, Typ 5.1 w 317 min Samsung SM961: Idle 25 mW, Typ 5.9 w 358 min Liteon has lower power consumption but samsung use 3D V-Hand tech which increases battery life. So...
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