1. Andrei Cristian

    problems with my 1st ever build, help me out

    I just finished my new build, the problem is that it freezes or gives me a blue screen when i open games and sometimes while just doing nothing, when i get 2 sticks of ram in it's almost seconds after booting, if i only keep one in it can last for hours but eventually the result will be the...
  2. Cithan

    Best guess which component is responsible for bluescreens when system is cold

    I have a hardware problem that started I think near the end of last year and has gotten worse throughout the year. The problem only occurs within the first 20 or so minutes from a cold boot (I mean literally the components are cold!). On Windows 7 I get a bluescreen: 0x00000116 VIDEO_TDR_ERROR...
  3. Dr Maxhatesu

    Blue Screen of Death and now no sound...?

    Hello, In July, I bought the following laptop: MSI GP73 LEOPARD RE NVIDIA GTX 1060, 16GB, 17.3" FHD 120Hz, i7-8750H Gaming Laptop On 26/10/19 At around 6pm It Blue Screened on me whilst watching Netflix. It reached 100% on it's recovery process for over an hour. I chose to boot down the...
  4. rake55

    Help! Tried to reset PC & now is not working..

    My PC has been crashing a lot and I've been getting the Blue Screen of Death every time I use it. So I thought I would re-set it to clear it out for a fresh start. It's now been stuck on <this screen. No matter what option I choose, it brings me straight back to the same screen. It says it...
  5. Robert41

    Random BSOD, any ideas what it could be?

    Hi, So I recently built a new PC and for some reason after being on it for around 6ish hours it seemed to just blue screen while I was browsing on Chrome. I have the memory.dmp here if that helps - I'm kind of clueless when it...
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