1. GR63

    BMW Diesel System Cleaning?

    2016 1 Series B47 Engine. Had some hesitation with car when accelerating and a one off "limp mode" in the auto box. I drive VERY sedately and economically. Basically I drive it every 2 weeks to visit my old mum (70m there, 70m back up the motorway mostly). I've used 5 bottles of Redex Diesel...
  2. Raul_z4

    M140i vs I30N

    Hello everybody, I am comparing all the hothatches of the moment to purchase and so far, the one that I love the most is the I30N (chassis, sound and racing details that make it unique, in a world of new dull cars). But I was also thinking the M140i, I know it is totally a different approach...
  3. Banana_Bread

    £9k to spend - Recommend me something please!

    I live in London (Uni/gf), commute out to my family’s farm for work. I drive about 40 miles a day 4 days a week. My home in London has terrible parking, therefore I am staying away from anything bigger than a 1 series/golf. I use to have a 120d 2013 but sold it due to ULEZ. I want something...
  4. ChrisH229

    How to fix this ?!

    Hi everyone, Today I had a mishap, error of judgment whilst parking !!! I scuffed my wheel on the kerb, not massive damage but it’s annoying ! Anyone had a similar problem with these types of wheels ? They’re not big standard alloys and have to be the expensive BMW kind . any help I would...
  5. JontyE46

    3 series diesel or petrol, is there any point ?

    Hello hello hello, today I bring you a question you've probably answered multiple times in your life time but I will ask again as I respect the opinion of this board. I am the owner of an e46 currently and am looking at upgrading to another e46 next year, a 330. You may notice I have missed 1/2...
  6. Claire_Mee

    BMW X3 Extended warranty advice wanted....

    Hi looking for any advice from anyone who may have had similar issues. I have had a X3 2014 for 3.5years and not really had too many problems. It has 104k miles and I average around 18-20k miles per year. Wednesday this week my husband was driving the car and long story short the turbo packed in...
  7. JontyE46

    E36 engine swap insurance details

    Hi all, first time poster, newer car enthusiast (About a year now). I have been driving an E46 318ci for coming up a year now as my second car, has been a lovely car to own but looking to get myself a 6 cyl e36 come next year. My issue being the best example I've found near me is a 318is m50b25...
  8. HermanMunster

    Which Coupe?

    I've got a budget of around 15K and am looking to buy a second hand coupe. I'm thinking maybe a last generation A5 but keep thinking of some sort of BMW. Has anyone any experience of either or maybe some other suggestions? Thanks
  9. EdGey

    BMW 220i / 228i - Thoughts?

    Hi I've grown tired of spiritedly thrashing my Ford Fiesta down country roads - it's time for an upgrade. I had my heart set on a Golf GTI for the longest time but the 228i especially has caught my eye - it seems like a lot of car for the money. What are your thoughts? What I've been...
  10. tollyno1

    BMW F10 sound insulation

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on here and wondering if other members have the same issue I have with my 535d f10 2014. I have the basic audio and I noticed that the audio travels through my door panels quite clearly. So if I have the volume on low / medium I can hear the audio from...
  11. Gibbo

    OcUK Car Meet: Supercar Fest - Saturday July 20th with very LIMITED SPACES!

    Hi there I was emailed by a member from here a few days ago suggesting an OcUK meet at supercar Fest, it made sense I contacted the organiser and we now have a club stand, basically reserved parking for our group. The bad news is, 25 car maximum and I think were already upto 5 cars...
  12. Gibbo

    2019: What are your motoring plans?

    Hi there First of all wishing you a Merry Christmas, crazy to think its next week! Second hope you all had a fantastic 2018 and best wishes for 2019, its just a couple of weeks away. :eek: So for us lot motoring, car plans it never ends, so what are peoples plans for their cars, motoring...
  13. Quartz

    BMW i8

    So I've just had a test drive in a BMW i8. It was lovely. The £110K price is a bit of a shocker, of course, but I see that 2016 models are much cheaper. Only £60K. :) So clue me in! I don't do many miles in a year - 3k - 5k.
  14. Iqbal Mohammad

    Legal advice - Consumer rights - Used car

    Hi, I have purchased an approved used BMW X1 from the dealer, in July My car comes with one year approved used car warranty and service pack valid until June 2019 I purchased BMW approved screen wash from same location on 20th January 2018 after getting warning indication for empty screen...
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