bt hh6

  1. oriondriver

    VDSL / BT Infinity Questions

    Hello Everyone, Your help and opinions on this are most welcome. I have BT Infinity 1 getting between 18-24Mbps using a BT Home Hub 6. Connected to this is 1 PC running Windows 10 with all current security patches and up to date with Windows update, a Dell Lattitude 5491 Laptop with all...
  2. Steve Patrick

    BT Smarthub and Synology NAS

    Dear All I have been struggling with the connection between my Synology DS215j and my BT Smart Hub for 6 months now (as well as my Nest Thermostat - although I think its the same issues) I can link to the NAS when I am on the wifi network but I can't log in when I am away from home and I...
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