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  1. lowflier

    budget pc for fs2020

    hi there i am looking for a "budget" pc for my old man to play on the fs2020. budget around £1K. Have looked at overclockers and others for example **No Competitors !** at this price bracket it seems to be an i5 or a ryzen 5, 16Gbyte is pretty much needed for fs2020 and an m2 ssd would be very...
  2. Christopher McClure

    Needing advice on first pc build.

    Hey everyone. I get my student loan next month and I will have a £600 budget. I might be starting a job which would give me a budget of £800 so looking for advice on both prices. I am a university student for cyber security so needing a good amount of cores as the pc will last at least 2 to 3...
  3. CCPD

    Need New Budget Laptop

    Hi everyone, I need help choosing new simple laptop. Preferably from Argos: https://t.ly/BmLln . Mostly to watch videos and shop online. Budget around £300 +/- and something reasonably powerful and future proof. Thanks in advance.
  4. Nicholas_

    Need advice on a build - £2000 is it worth waiting?

    In a nutshell, I would like to build a PC using £2000 budget. however hearing about the Intel 8-core soon to be dropped in October. Is it worth the wait in terms of budget friendly builds? or am I better off just going with a intel i7-8770k build. Though I'm going to be mainly making a Gaming...
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