1. GadgetTechMan

    images appear blocked in windows 11

    I first noticed this last year that images downloaded from the internet would have this block enabled for security. I thought this was fair due to the source of the files. I also wondered if it was because I had moved the folder away to a customer location or drive. This became an issue when...
  2. Fnuyens

    Internet loss/slowing down

    Hi Everyone, I bought a computer about a year ago and everything was fine for most of the time. However, it's been a few months that I have quite a lot of issues with my Internet connexion. While I'm supposed to have 160mbps, I have drop at 60 and sometimes even 30mbps. This mostly affects the...
  3. Nexorcis

    Oculus Rift S - Black Screen Problems

    Hi there, Before I begin, here is a little background information on my hardware: Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97M-DS3H RAM: 16GB DDR3 Dual Channel (2 x 4GB Module in Slots 1 and 2, with an additional 8GB Module in Slot 3 added later on) CPU: Intel I7-4790k (Socket 1150) Running at 4.40GHz Cooler...
  4. Guilherme Paes

    [HELP] x570 Chipset Fan running at 5000rpm 100% of the time, no matter the config on BIOS

    Hello everyone. It's my first post on this forum. Thanks in advance for the time to help. My MSI X570 GAMING PRO CARBON WIFI (bought from Overclockers UK) since day one, has the CHIPSET FAN SPEED running at a FIXED 5000rpm - 5200rpm. I came to notice lately, that whenever I turned the PC on, a...
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