1. IggyStooge

    Cable clips needed for a flat Ethernet cable 7 mm wide.

    Hello, I've been trying to find which cable clips I need for a flat Ethernet cable 7 mm wide x 2 mm thick approx. Couldn't find an answer on google. I ordered some clips from that auction place sold as 8 mm flat cable clips. I foolishly assumed 8 mm meant they would take up to 8 mm wide...
  2. adamCCC

    cat7 ethernet installation advice please

    Hello I have cat7 installed in my house during a rewire (I got it really cheap before anyone says its pointless over cat6!) I want to fit cat6 faceplates like the ones below but im unsure of the best method to do so. I've read about having to earth it properly, some links stating this should...
  3. Gibbo

    HELP: Need to buy a cat 5 or 7 GPS tracker, any recommendations?

    Hi there I am asking for double confirmation from dealership on my new car but they are adamant it has no tracker and due to the value insurance wants a cat 5 or 7 approved GPS tracker fitted, not only that by doing so halfs my insurance premium. As such are there any recommendation? Both...
  4. GTiPUG

    New house - Wiring rooms - CAT5e vs CAT6 vs CAT7?

    In the process of buying a house. It's a reasonably new build (5 years old) and currently only has a master phone socket, no ethernet. I'm planning on getting a contractor in to wire the place with ethernet, from the downstairs master socket up to each of the three bedrooms. One of those...
  5. BIG_M29

    Cat7 Ethernet cable??

    Can someone explain to me why these are not easily purchasable? What/who are they used for? I ask because I was reading about them and I need to replace my Cat5e cables at home. I came across Cat7, but when I looked into actually buying a cable, I can only find Cat6a. Have I missed something...
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