1. Louie Crown

    first pc need specs checking

    Just seeing if anyone would be able to look through the specs of a pc I want to buy, budget of £800 (total is £800.27 rn) so let me know if you think anything needs changing or doesn't look right: Case: Zalman S5 RGB Mid-Tower Case - White Tempered Glass CPU: Intel Core i5-10400F 2.90GHz (Comet...
  2. Apache14

    B-Grade RX 5500XT same price as new stock ?

    Hi all Im on the look out for the cheapest 5500XT possible to replace an old HD 7950. I have been keeping an eye on this b-grade card for a few weeks now : but its...
  3. peanutismint

    Using an ODB2 tool to diagnose an engine check light? (Ford Fiesta)

    Yesterday an orange 'engine' light came on my automatic 2007 Ford Fiesta (think it's a Mk 6.5?). I managed to get into the test menu but it showed no error code. I did a bit of a google and some people have suggested buying an ODB2 tool that hooks to the engine/car somewhere and will then give...
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