1. Swampyseifer

    Chromebook advice

    Hi all, My decade old Windows laptop is pretty much kaput. I'm looking for something new but considering all I really use it for is email, web browsing, word processing/spreadsheets and 3d model slicing I was thinking I could save a bundle (and have an easier time of it) by buying a Chromebook...
  2. Rumperuu

    ASUS Chromebook C201P won't boot, recovery mode fails

    Hi, I've acquired an ASUS C201P Chromebook that will not boot, and attempts at system recovery result in an error. The laptop boots into the developer mode screen, but will not go any further. Specifically: Press power button -> 'Welcome to developer mode!’ followed by various Ctrl+ options...
  3. AHarvey

    Chromebooks for schools

    Hi all, This doesn't really fit into a single area/board so posting here for a lot of feedback. Does anyone here have children at school that uses Chromebooks as part of the school system? Preferably primary school but secondary feedback welcome. has anyone or does anyone set up these...
  4. breadstead

    Change Chromebook caps key

    Hi. I just bought a Chromebook for writing. I use a mac the rest of the time, and the Chromebook caps key keeps tripping me up. I keep hitting the search (magnifying glass) button which is where the caps key is on the mac keyboard. Can you assign different functions to different keys on...
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