1. Michael2000

    F1 Thrustmaster paddle fix

    Bought a f1 add on wheel online and came damaged, right up shift doesn’t work. I don’t have access to a iron kit. Does anyone maybe have any ideas on a alternative or someone who sells the shifters already Iron on to the electrical board?
  2. Stubbsy

    Memory slots stopped working

    Hi, I've got an Asus PRIME Z270-P, which I've had for a while. When I first got it, I had some trouble seating the memory correctly, but with some advice from people on here I figured that out. I've got 4x4Gb sticks of memory in it - or I did have until recently. (Ballistix Sport LT 16GB...
  3. pete_agreatguy

    More than one set of Powerline Adapters on same circuit?

    Hi all, Need some advice for a friend. Situation: Current network setup: - PC 2 floors above router connects via powerline adapters (via ethernet). - PS4 1 floor above router connects through wifi but signal not so great. Query: He wants to put the PS4 on a powerline adapter setup as well...
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