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Memory slots stopped working

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by Stubbsy, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Stubbsy


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    I've got an Asus PRIME Z270-P, which I've had for a while. When I first got it, I had some trouble seating the memory correctly, but with some advice from people on here I figured that out.

    I've got 4x4Gb sticks of memory in it - or I did have until recently.
    (Ballistix Sport LT 16GB (4x4GB) DDR4 PC4-19200C16 2400MHz Quad Channel Kit - Black/Grey (BLS4C4G4D24)

    I had some issues with the system not posting, and the beep code indicated a memory issue. We had recently moved house, so I thought it was possible that something was slightly loose, so I took all the memory out and started putting it in one by one. To cut a long story short, the system will always post and boot if there is just one stick of memory in, but any more than that, and it hangs and reports memory error. I have tried each of the four sticks in each of the four slots (16 different combinations) and the sticks seems fine individually, as do the slots. The second I have more than one stick, regardless of the combination of slots, the unit won't post.

    I've got a fairly large heatsink on the board (Raijintek EreBoss High Performance CPU Cooler Black) and I can't help but wonder whether it's caused some bending that has resulted in poor joints around the memory. I work in the electronics industry, so I am relatively used to seeing issues with boards, and to me this seems like it could be the case here. As i've got the board in a tower, the heatsink sits at 90ยบ and it always pulling down on the board... perhaps when we moved house it was jolted around a bit?

    Anyway, i'm happy to try a few things because although the board and memory are old, i like the setup, it works well and the CPU i've got is more than adequate so don't really want to do a full replacement.

    Any advice is welcome.
  2. LeMson


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    You checked the CPU pins to see if any look b0rked? And yes if you left a massive cooler on during transport it could of done bad things or stressed the motherboard :X