1. marekbohm

    Gpu/Psu issue? Please help:(

    Hi there. I just have a question regarding my Gigabyte RTX 3060Ti Eagle OC. In some heavy games (CoD Cold War for example), I noticed that, after match while returning to menu, when card doesn´t need to render that much on scene, getting queiter, cooler, and jumping easily by 10degrees down...
  2. Mcnumpty2323

    Right click send to multiple drives/folders

    I move a load of data around 3 x M2 drives 3 x sata ssds 1 x external Have multiple back ups of stuff on them Any one know how to get a right click to send to multiple places at once? For example Send to D and E and F drive all at same time I know its only couple extra clicks to do them...
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