1. roozor

    RX 7900XTX crashing in Warzone/DMZ 2.0.

    At my wits end with rhis RX 7900XXT and Warzone/DMZ/COD 2.0 My Sapphire reference card is running at 69c and 89c so in spec at stock - if i increase power limit, it can hit 110c within minutes. COD/Warzone/DMZ 2.0 are all crashing at random with the AMD wattman error. Sometimes I can get a...
  2. Lasty

    Portfoward ps4 on vodaphone

    Hi all, have had vodaphone gigafast installed and keep getting connection failed on cod (ps4) its hard wired. Have tried wireless but still the same, if i connect to hotspot or old broadband it works instantly. Guy from vodaphone says can try portfowardi g but im a little stuck when i log into...
  3. Aidan Chester

    New build 3090 really slow

    I've recently built my 1st pc, Rog strix f - 3700x - zotac 3090 - 32gb 3466mhz ram. Everytime I load up warzone or cold war i cant get more than 120 fps, I play with people on 2060supers and they are getting the same fps but I've tried everything and nothing is changing it, really not sure what...
  4. koshiuk

    Advice of 1k gaming rig / Breach?

    Hi all, I'm getting back into PC gaming and been looking at the "Breach" overclockers bundle, i've got experience building machines and wondering if there is much of a saving etc? and will it have less warranty if anything fails? Need to be better spec / graphics than my xbox one, mainly...
  5. James bend

    need a pc build £1500 budget

    hello i need a pc build i have a 144hz monitor good keyboard mouse so just need the pc i am looking to play first person shooter like cod and valarant nice and smooth .£1500 budget but can wiggle if need to some help would be grate thanks
  6. Gibbo


    HI there NVIDIA have given us 1000 codes for Black Friday promotion to offer with RTX cards we have deals on, we've already sold over 50 cards today before we promoted Black Friday being live, so we do not anticipate these 1000 codes to last much longer than a week, so if you fancy a FREE Call...
  7. TrimeOriginal

    2070 Super COD bundle

    Recently purchased the 2070 Super with the COD bundle, im wondering if the code that i received for the new COD will still be use able on the 25th December as its a Christmas gift?
  8. LucifersLandLord

    Overclock, new CPU, new motherboard or just give up.

    Hello, computer = Dell T5500 CPU = Intel Xeon E5620 GPU = Nvidia 1050-ti Ram = 32gb DDR3 Everything else is stock. I am aware I am using a server to game. Cool huh? I am new to this forum and am looking for advice. I have been running the setup above for a couple of years, she has served me...
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