core clock

  1. Sycoz

    5950x boosting to 4.2-4.9ghz & around 1.4v while idling or barely doing anything

    Just put together a new build, upgraded from a 2600 and ive noticed that my 5950x is boosting for no reason, just idling watching youtube/twitch its boosting itself to 4.2-4.9ghz and around 1.4 volts. cpu temps when idle are in the high 40's and when i stress test it doesnt break 70c. i have...
  2. Scoiexx

    3D Application scanner?

    Does anything (software wise) exist to detect what is forcing my GPU to stay in 3d mode? Because I can restart and load up windows with it downclocked then something loads thats not being listed forcing it to idle at such a high core clock. it's rather annoying.
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