1. Averyius

    Data recovery software for hard disks

    I recently used Rufus software to download W7 to a USB stick but during my attempts rufus chose my still connected external hard disk for formatting (I think?) and downloading to. I noticed that just as it was starting the procedure and stopped it. Have n´t a clue why it chose the Hard disk and...
  2. Topdod

    Copyng files to external ends with them corrupt

    I've been having problems trying to copy files from any of the 2 HDDs and 1 SSD to my external where a file would somehow be corrupted(I assume) and is not a 100% copy. I've noticed that the larger the file is the higher the chances of the files being broken are, like a 10GB file took me 20 or...
  3. Xerco

    Help, never had this issue before? BIOS Corrupted?

    Hey guys, My dad's computer has started having this odd issue that I have never experienced before. The PC completely boot loops when turned off unless powered off. The screen is all screwed up (see linked images). It's completely unusable. pic one:
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