1. NorthernLegion

    Are staff still getting free lunch?

    Something I sadly noticed just now is that on the website it states staff are getting free lunch as part of the covid-19 protective measures. I am not a member of staff for the company, but curious to hear from anyone who is, as I think this is amazing and just a nice gesture to those who would...
  2. Lionhart27

    Shortage of PC goods, COVID & Brexit!

    There is already supply problems with pc stuff. Try and get a printer? Out of stock everywhere, and when suppliers do get some, mainly HP, they quickly go! Now with a no-deal brexit things will get worse. This government are using the Navy to protect its waters. So what message does that say to...
  3. DampDog

    Steam Sale?

    In the midst of all the heartache and turmoil caused by the current Covid-19 pandemic. I would have thought Steam might have gone the extra mile and launched a sale to try and lift peoples spirits a bit. What with great swathes of the population being stuck indoors.
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