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  1. Chris Jerram

    CPU fan dead

    Hi guys I recently got a Katana GF66 11UE, had it for 2 months and fan 1 (left fan) is dead, not sure if the bearings have gone but its stuttering (same stutter when stepper motors die) its refusing to spin. Turned the machine off for 5h hoping that a cold boot would fix it but no luck, checked...
  2. jonisvipr

    CPU fan in exhaust mode?

    So I've recently finished my new rig and went from full-atx to mini-itx. The only concern I have with my build is that the fan of my Noctua NH-U12S CPU cooler does not have enough clearance from my corsair 2x16GB RAM on the motherboard. If I try to install the fan as an intake, it pushes the RAM...
  3. Olivier SAINT-EVE

    Why computer power off instead of sleep?

    hello, I have a recent computer whose motherboard is ASROCK X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3, a mini ITX card. At the beginning I had sleep on windows. After having changed its cooler (the new cooler is a water-cooling CORSAIR H75), I get a strange behavior when I choose "sleep" in the windows...
  4. MoBo

    H100 replacement.

    Hi all, It's been years since I've played around with my pc and my Corsair AIO H100 has died and I'd like your advice on whether to get another water cooler or go back to air cooled. Plus what to get. Cheers Mobo .
  5. Jack_Wills11

    CPU fan speed not showing in BIOS or any software.

    Hello everyone, I was hoping I could get some help with my current situation. I built my PC 4 years ago, but I have never been able to control/view fan speeds for the CPU or view any information about my AIO water cooler. My system fans are working fine with PWM control and fan curves in the...
  6. cozmen

    GTX 1080Ti SLI, 1800x...CPU Fan not working. Help Needed.

    Hi in this report, I have encountered a number of issues regarding my PC build. As of now, only 1/6 CPU fan is working, I have no monitor output, RGB lights are working on the Graphics cards. Could the motherboard be dead? Here is my PC Build: CPU: Ryzen 1800x @3.8Ghz 8 Cores, 16 Threads CPU...
  7. hubblefrog

    Adding Fan

    Hello! I'm planning to add one more fan in my cpu. However, I didn't know if my cpu has still slots for another fan since it is prebuild pc. Likewise, how to know the right fan to install in my cpu?
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