1. Quartz

    A useful video on storage media life expectancy

    Explaining Computers has a comprehensive video on storage media life expectancy. Lots of useful links below the video too.
  2. Cadder

    Having Trouble Deleting and Moving Files

  3. sullytm

    Data transfer speeds dramatically drop all the time

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me. When copying files from a Sony XQD card to my PC I start off getting speeds of 2.4gb per second, then when the transfer gets to around 30% that speeds plummets to 24.mb per second and sits at that speed for the rest of the transfer. I’ve tried...
  4. peanutismint

    SanDisk Ultra II SSD failed. What are my options to try and access data??

    One of my SSDs that holds my MacOS install on my PC has seemingly failed without warning. It was 4 years old (just over the 3 year warranty, well played SanDisk...). It now doesn't appear in Windows on the same machine or even in BIOS, but it does appear in EaseUS backup software...
  5. Theperson45

    Is there such a thing as unlimited cellular data on a laptop?

    For example, Three has a pay-as-you-go SIM-only data plan where you can get unlimited data for one month, for £35. It can be used on a phone or a tablet, but there's no mention of it being compatible with a laptop, aside from tethering (which may be capped, although I think this depends on the...
  6. JoelllH

    How do I retrieve data from my old laptop Hard Drive?

    Ok so my previous laptop is dead (water damaged) and the hard drive from that laptop survived. PC World removed the hard drive for me, and now I want to some how get the data from that old hard drive and transfer it to my new laptop. What’s the easiest way to do it? I’ve seen different docking...
  7. saayinla

    Storage Options , please advice.

    Hi All, I am trying to consolidate my network storage and reduce my energy consumption at the same time. I have a 5 year old Hp proliant microserver Server with 10TB of storage but with a ****** processor so useless for transcoding only use the storage option. I have a software drivepool...
  8. Hero9989

    Please Help! Problem after problem with hard drive(s)

    So - I was one of those people who thought - who needs backups, etc, etc... I had 2x3TB drives in a windows span - resulting in a 6TB drive holding all of my blu ray movie rips (X:) 2x3TB drives in a windows span - resulting in a 6TB drive holding all of my TV Show Boxsets (Y:) While copying...
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