1. 3t3P

    8600K lapped and delidded; pics + results

    Running folding at home (FAH) with both CPU and GPU maxed out was resulting in CPU temp peaks of 94-96 degrees celsius. No throttling but close to TJMax (100 degrees AFIK) Per my other thread doesn't seem worth it to upgrade on 1151 for gaming. So decided to lap and separately delid the...
  2. PhoenixSP

    Low cpu vcore should i be worried {8700k}

    I de lidded my 8700k recently and whilst i'm sure i should be happy i'm sat at that happy 5ghz where temps are ~35.C with a max of 50. what worries me is despite setting a voltage in my bios it fluctuates currently its sat at 1.232 v whilst intel burntest is running in the background, should i...
  3. cfrhoar

    I think I killed my 4790K when I delidded it

    I used the Rockit Cool 88 delid kit and everything went smoothly. I applied thermal grizzly, put the IHS back on with the provided guide tool (I did not re-glue the IHS back on) and then popped it back into my system. The MB turns on but I get post code 'C'. I double checked the EPS power...
  4. SledDriver

    Delidded 8700K @5Ghz @ 72-78degC Max under Prime95 @1.424V - good idea?

    Just got a new delidded i7-8700K from 8-Pack and it's very impressive. Running stable at 5GHz idle and 4.7GHz under Prime95, showing 1.424V idle and 1.280V vCore running Prime95 Max heat test and core temps sit between 72 and 78 degC after 1 hour. Seems totally stable. Mobo is Asus Prime Z370-A...
  5. xiamwebb

    i7 7700k Pre-Binned Processor No 5GHz

    Got a pre-binned Processor5 ghz chip from overclockersuk, can get a stable 4.8ghz MAX at 1.4v, cant get a stable 5ghz, tried 1.3 - 1.45v, the higher the voltage the more 'stable' it gets, but still bluescreens and crashes when stress testing, using cinebench,passmark,prime95, intel extreme, etc...
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