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  1. truewraith

    Setup new monitor but desktop lags & Games like in slow mode! any advice please?

    i setup it up for the first time on display port and its all great but things lag on screen like when moving or dragging folders and going into websites so not sure if i have done everything right. just need to know if there any settings i need to change when adding this type of monitor in...
  2. MeThatsAll

    Thinking of buying a laptop but had a question before I can buy. (forwarded from laptops forum)

    Hello All, Wasn't getting a reply on the laptops forum so I thought I'd try here, hope that's ok. I'm thinking of getting this laptop "NITRO 5 NVIDIA RTX 3070, 16GB, 15.6" FHD 144HZ, AMD R7-5800H GAMING LAPTOP" link But its partly going to be for work, my work involves a lot of swapping...
  3. rus4u

    How to make HDMI(PS5) to take over Display Port(PC) connection for my monitor?

    Hi all, I have my computer connected to my Acer ConceptD CP3271KP monitor with Display Port cable and my PS5 connected with HDMI cable. At the moment if I have my computer on and switch on my PlayStation the Playstation connection won't take over PC so I need to change the input on the monitor...
  4. jpknz

    USB Docking Station

    Hi I'm looking for a bit of help/pointing in the right direction for a USB hub with the following specs Output Ports 1 x Gigabit Ethernet 1 x USB C (charging) 2 x displayport 3+ USB Type A (preferably at least 1 charging - but not essential, others can be data only) Audio out (not essential -...
  5. DavidJJButler

    1080 Graphics card HDMI issue

    Please Please Please Help... I have tried the HDMI to Display Port..... The HDMI to DVI-D For some reason I'm not getting a picture? The Asus loading screen comes on when I power up the computer then just before it' about to load onto the home page it goes off and says No signal. I have tried...
  6. rmonkey100

    Display Port No Signal Suddenly, Won't Work At All Now.. Help?!

    Recently bought a gtx 1080ti to use with my AOC 35" 1440p 100hz monitor & its been working fine for the last week until last night, when I turned the monitor off manually while I watch a film.. After turning back on it just says signal not found, tried everything to sort it but it won't work...
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