6 Dec 2020

I'm looking for a bit of help/pointing in the right direction for a USB hub with the following specs

Output Ports
1 x Gigabit Ethernet
1 x USB C (charging)
2 x displayport
3+ USB Type A (preferably at least 1 charging - but not essential, others can be data only)
Audio out (not essential - can plug headphones in to one of the monitors if required)

From laptop USBC port

Upright standing (they just look better in my opinion)

The main thing is 2xDisplayport outputs but I figured at the same time I may as well try to go for just one cable in to my laptop rather than the several I have now (huge increase in cost I know which largely seems to be from the Displayport output requirements).

The below seems to be the only one I can find (in the UK) that meets all of the above except for upright standing

The below meets all the requirements however it is only available in the US
The UK version seems to come with 2xHDMI instead of 2xDisplayport

I also found the below which doesn't have a USBC output but I could use the Type A connector freeing up the USBC on my laptop for a charging cable (either in to the laptop or out from the laptop). Two cables wouldn't be so bad I suppose

Thanks in advance
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