1. Cadder

    Adjusting uPVC Door Hinge Adjustment

    Hi all, We have bi-fold doors to the back of our 8 year old house. The last year or so the single door has been sticking, especially on warmer days. I looked online to see how to adjust the hinges and there's nothing that covers the type of hinge I have. At first glance they look similar but...

    Composite door quote

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I've asked for 3 companies to make a quotation for a front door and only one has responded. However, the price was £1560 including VAT. What should I do? I feel like not following up the two other companies as they seem interested (already messaged or enquired to...
  3. paulfm

    Samsung C34F791 screen door effect

    Hi does anyone here have this monitor? Noticing bad screen door effect on it, it has been sent to Samsung for repair twice but the issue remains, just hoping someone here might have a quick fix like maybe a software setting I am missing etc ? Or maybe these Ultrawides just have this issue? thank you
  4. labcoattech

    Online door supplier

    Hi all, looking to get some door frames and doors replaced and was wondering if anyone can recommend an online supplier? Looking to spend around £80 per door, not sure how much the frames are, will also need a bi-fold door.
  5. mrnoone

    Why there is no better screens in VR headsets ?

    I made a research and saw that these resolutions which cause screen-door effect. Oculus : 2160 x 1200 HTC Vive : 2160 x 1200 Maybe some or most people will say that "there is no screen-door effect *** are you talking about ?" but i just want the answer of my question. I know that we can produce...
  6. Mint_Sauce

    PVC Door Panel (cat flap)

    Ok, so this is going in to the realms of the mundane but we wanted to know if it's possible to swap out a panel in a door to put in another panel with cat flap. I'm getting bored of constantly getting up and opening the door to let the two of them in and out! Not sure if it's possible, but it...
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