1. overthinker

    Does one really need V5C to take a vehicle out of the UK for a week or so?

    For family reasons I need to visit my home country by car as soon as possible. For that I'm planning to buy a used car. According to this, I'd need to have V5C to take a vehicle out of the UK. The problem is that And I don't have a week to wait for my V5C. Do I really need V5C to go to the...
  2. Zuma

    Shipping personal belongings to Denmark, post Brexit

    So my mum, lives in Denmark now, (used to live in UK) but still has a house and some personal belongings here in the UK. Before covid, she would make regular visits, but has not been here since last Feb. She has asked about mailing some personal belongings over to Denmark, that pre Brexit, I...
  3. Tysonator

    Travel Buddies

    Hi, I am hoping to book some holidays next year in Europe, and when like to know what are the best travel buddy web sites. As I was hoping to travel either with one like minded travel companion or small group ? many thanks T
  4. Rampage95

    Best card for the money - 1070 ti vs 2070 Europe

    So, the last couple of weeks I'm having quite a hard time choosing between the 1070 ti or rtx 2070. I read a couple of reviews, and i would say that 1070 ti is the best card for the money, but accordingly to the passmark website the 2070 is slightly better than the 1080 ti, what made me really...
  5. Gibbo

    Good website for renting a Villa in EU or Villa Holiday.

    Hi there Couple of years ago I stayed in a couple of incredible Villa's in Thailand on the island of Koh Samui, one was called the "The View" and it was appropriate named. Now I normally leave booking of holidays to someone else, but next year is my turn and I need a Villa ideally that...
  6. Heating

    Cycling Africa to Europe

    I'm planning an international cycle trip in the future. Does anyone have any handy tips and advice to prepare for this? I'm planning to cycle from Johannesburg to Europe. What is the best time to cycle in Europe, weather related? And the visas ? Your assistance would be appreciated. Thank you
  7. Mylestheone


    Anybody currently using a U11+? Received mine last week and its been great apart from the battery life which has been horrible. I get mobile network standby drain which is just chewing through my battery. Even happens on WIFI Users who imported the Taiwan model don't seem to have this problem...
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