1. Richyg321!

    BRSK Packet loss

    Hi all. first post. I was with Virgin, telewest etc for 24 years or so but wanted a isp with parity on DL and UL. So chose BRSK and it was cheaper on the 1gig. For the first few months it appeared ok. Then when we started working at home we have had drop outs on Teams and Voip which made it in...
  2. mushtafa

    NZXT H1 AIO cooler fault

    Has anyone changed the AIO in these cases? I'm fighting high temperatures from what I can only assume is a faulty pump, air lock, or blockage. I reached out to NZXT and they told be to shake and wiggle it about. This made a difference and lowered the temps - in my mind proving the fault lies...
  3. Quartz

    Arctic Freezer II - product alert

    If you've got one of the above coolers, Arctic have found that some of them have defective gaskets and have produced a fix.
  4. gmodertom

    Seasonic Prime PX-850 850W - Random Shutdowns

    Hi, I built a new PC during lockdown and have had on and off issues with it randomly shutting down and re-booting. Initially it would do it on the desktop or at idle however since updating the bios/drivers that issue seems to have gone but it is now occasionally doing it during high load...
  5. STEinGUZZ

    Automatic shutdown issue???

    Hi everyone, I’m wondering if I can pick people’s brains, any help/advice would be much appreciated. So my PC has been on 24/7 for the last few weeks. I shut it down today for the first time in quite some time to sort out some cable management. Now when I try to power it back on it shuts down...
  6. clark0r

    PC Reboots in games

    I bought a PC from Overclockers last year (June-July time) to play Warzone and Black Ops only. If I try and play the game in any graphics configuration above minimum quality, the PC reboots without warning after a few minutes of playing, or even just sat on the menu screen. The reboot is...
  7. RopAyy

    Asus B550-F - Bluetooth issues & intermittent boot failures

    Good morning all, i built my first machine sometime last year and when its working its running absolutely fine but I'm seeing 2 issues at the moment and not able to get to the root cause so just looking for some advice. (ill pop the spec list at the bottom) Firstly Bluetooth - i didn't use it...
  8. shaydoken

    New Sapphire Pulse 6800 Faulty?

    So I purchased the Sapphire Pulse 6800 from OC. Arrived liked this, what a flimsy box though... The problems I'm facing is stuttering constantly in games and random weird freeze, GPU fan/power usage. I play games at 1440p max on quality. By the way this is a clean installation of Windows 10...
  9. LPoint

    Gigabyte 3070 gaming OC - Artifacts during stress tests on 2 different cards

    Hi guys, So I managed to snag myself a 3070 gaming OC during November and was excited to get the new system up and running. When I went to install it in my system for the first time, I noticed a bent pin on the power connector inside the 8 pin socket. I managed to straighten it out with a...
  10. Matmatty65

    Ever had faulty CPU launches?

    So basically you know like how you can have like faults/issues with GPU launches as an example. Rtx 20 series was artifacting , 5700xt driver issues/green screens. Have you ever seen anything like that on a CPU release? Or is their generally not a lot that can go wrong with CPU's.
  11. Shayne80

    I need help

    I've got a persistant problem, it has continued through reinstalls and hardware tests. The problem is this, my PC at random times just restarts. No warnings and nothing in the event viewer, I could be just watching youtube/netflix it restarts. I've monitored temps and they never go higher than...
  12. Nexorcis

    Oculus Rift S - Black Screen Problems

    Hi there, Before I begin, here is a little background information on my hardware: Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97M-DS3H RAM: 16GB DDR3 Dual Channel (2 x 4GB Module in Slots 1 and 2, with an additional 8GB Module in Slot 3 added later on) CPU: Intel I7-4790k (Socket 1150) Running at 4.40GHz Cooler...
  13. Pasbags

    Gigabyte RTX 2080Ti Gaming OC USB-C not working

    Looks like this might be the best place to post as it seem's like I might be able to speak with the Gigabyte rep (GIGA-MAN)? I've seen posting on here although i'll gladly accept any input from any of the other members on here. Figured it best to post here and get some further input before...
  14. Steven Allick

    Short Game Audio Drop Outs (Motherboard and GPU Audio)

    I have an ongoing problem with my PC where the game audio will drop out every so often for around a second or two then come back as if nothing happened. Sometimes the pause or loss of audio is very brief sometimes it is longer but usually always in the range of 1-2 seconds. It can happen in any...
  15. DogDeluxe

    Water Cooling Failure???

    Hi, I purchased a complete custom PC (£1500), pre-built, from OC about 3 or 4 years ago, but I've had my first fault, that appears to be the water cooling system, and wondered if anyone could help! My PC's CPU / water cooling fans ramp up very high and stay that way, about 2 minutes after...
  16. RefutedUK

    CPU Faulty? i9-9900k - System restart on loading into x-plane other games.

    Good morning all, i'm not really new to the scene but i am having a few problems it seems, to get to the short of it, my CPU with AI on at 4900mhz is fine, everything is perfect i try bumping this to 5000mhz and the game crashes half way loading, I've tried over and over again bumping it up...
  17. Adamtrex

    Pc crashing mid game

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place couldn't find anywhere else to post this. I recently bought this pc, just over 2 weeks ago (https://www.overclockers.co.uk/ocuk-gaming-citizen-gaming-pc-amd-ryzen-5-2600-rx-590-8gb-graphics-three-free-games-fs-1aq-og.html) With rx vega 56 and 16gb of ram. I...
  18. Kailoren

    MSI GS73 Stealth 8RF Monitor Issues

    Hi everyone. Hope this is the correct place to post this. I recently purchased this MSI laptop from OCUK and have noticed some issues with the monitor. Aside from the fact that the website says it has a 4k 120hz IPS panel but appears to be locked at 60hz, It looks like there is a pressure point...
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