1. Yella Fella

    Excel wizards needed - Staff overtime rota planner

    Not that you need to know but let's start over as my post didn't save when I clicked back from the preview :cry: So.... I have a staff rota that tracks the number of days someone has worked and on another sheet based on the number of days worked the number of total hours worked. The query is...
  2. Abandon Strings

    How to Format an 18TB HDD (WD Elements External Drive)

    Hi! I recently bought an 18TB WD Elements External HDD. This drive gives you roughly 16.37TB of useable space. I wanted to use this as a backup drive and used Macrium Reflect to clone an 8TB HDD data drive I have in my desktop to it (I've on a previous occasion used EaseUS to make true backups...
  3. pete_agreatguy

    Full/Quick Format new backup drive?

    Sort of found my answer here: However, I need some extra advice. I bought a new HGST Deskstar 8TB hard drive for use as a media backup drive. Should I do either A or B below: A) Full Format (GPT Partition) or...
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