1. shaf

    New homeserver build, which OS?

    Hi, I'm building a new homeserver build and would like some advise on which OS to choose. I'm quite familiar with most of them and just want to make the right choice for my needs. I currently have an xpenology box which I am replacing and which is running on a 10gbe network. My use cases...
  2. TangoEchoAlpha

    Building my own server / NAS

    Been weighing up getting a Synology or similar, versus building my own NAS/home server. Decided to DIY it and be able to use some existing components that way. Got the server chassis first of all - important for me that I was able to use a spare SeaSonic ATX PSU I have, plus have plenty of...
  3. sco0by

    Ghetto FreeNAS server?

    Morning all, I'm thinking about using a load of spares I have lying around to build a FreeNAS server. Few questions: It's going to be built around an old Dell XPS motherboard, is FreeNAS particularly picky about chipsets etc? Is FreeNAS happy with SATA/USB drives being used to build the...
  4. Tenatious

    SSD Dying? How To Test

    Hi guys, Think I have a problem with one of my SSDs and just wondering if there was a way for me to test if it's dying or something else causing the issue? Basically I have a FreeNAS box set up in the living room that has a 60 GB SSD (Crucial M4) as its main drive and then some 3TB mechanical...
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