1. Luke Armes

    Whine noise

    The Noise! This is the noise I'm hearing ignore the fans it's the whining noise behind the fan noise. This is much louder then the actual noise. For some background I just installed a WiFi card and when playing a game I could hear this noise or something similar, I went to investigate and...
  2. Clogs48

    Boot issues fans throttle, blank screen. (help needed)

    Component list: Intel Core i5 9600k (CPU) Gigabyte B360 HD3 (MOBO) Gigabyte GTX 1660 super (GPU) 500W power supply Issue: When I first turned it on it loaded into bios, however it did not boot into windows. I then noticed the CPU power cable not in, I plugged it in then tried to turn it back...
  3. Bradguin121

    Fried Motherboard? :(

    Hey, Earlier on today I installed an extra 8gb stick of vengeance ram into my computer. Since then my computer would start running (CPU fan, GPU fan and case fans) but no video on my monitor and also noticed that the pulsating q led light on my ASUS B450M motherboard was no longer pulsing, its...
  4. AstroAss

    ASUS Rampage V Extreme - dead? Advice, please!

    Hi, guys, A bit annoyed here... My mobo (Rampage V Extreme) doesn't want me to get into my PC, it just throws a code 95... Had it for just under a year and a half, worked fine, with some quirks, but did manage everything I threw at it (4 GPUs, OC'd 5960X, all the HDDs and SSDs, etc). Now I...
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