gas boiler

  1. Cern

    New gas boiler needed, buy online or use a local installer?

    Our 14 year old Worcester Bosch gas boiler has sprung a leak and failed and will likely need replacing as it's probably not economical to repair given its age. I've been spec'ing out a potential replacement, but I'm unsure of where it's best / safest to buy from, whether to purchase online or...
  2. stockhausen

    Air and Ground source heat pumps?

    Does anyone here have any practical experience of having either an air or ground source heat pump installed? The Government seem (in the short term) to be encouraging their use and since I should probably be thinking of replacing my ageing gas fired boiler I do wonder whether a (vertical)...
  3. Sixense

    Boiler kaputt, looking for advice

    Righto, long story short, our Ideal Eco Esprit 24 finally died completely, no power to it, Water Heater fuse in the fusebox popped. Well okay then, turned it back on, changed the 13A fuses in the insane loop that we have for our boiler from previous houseowners, still no power, lights on the...
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