1. Quartz

    Vodafone gigafast and Draytek 2860 router

    Vodafone have been and installed gigafast. Yay! Vodafone’s router has not arrived. Boo! How do I configure my Draytek router to work with Vodafone’s fibre network? I have the username and password for PPTP and that hasn’t worked. I’ve tried a VLAN tag of 911 as suggested by the internet. That...
  2. Quartz

    Vodafone Gigafast - which package? Any mobile tie-ins?

    Vodafone have made the fibre-optic cable outside my door live. I'm getting too many pauses on BT Infinity. So, should I go for 500 Mbps or 900 Mbps? And are there any tie-in packages worth considering? My mobile is currently with EE on a SIM-only contract.
  3. Lasty

    Portfoward ps4 on vodaphone

    Hi all, have had vodaphone gigafast installed and keep getting connection failed on cod (ps4) its hard wired. Have tried wireless but still the same, if i connect to hotspot or old broadband it works instantly. Guy from vodaphone says can try portfowardi g but im a little stuck when i log into...
  4. ZeroG

    Sky Fibre Query

    I've been waiting what seems an age for Vodafone to connect up out street to Gigafast. The street was dug up and the cables laid over 3 months ago now but it's still unavailable to order. I've messaged them and they don't have a date when it might be available. Pretty much every street around us...
  5. OfficialUmey

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