1. Sloweko

    GMMK Full-Size Keyboard cable

    Hi all, I'm thinking of purchasing the GMMK full size barebones keyboard and had a question that I was wondering if anyone could help me with. Is the USB cable for this board removable? The Overclockers listing states that it is but the Glorious website suggests that only the smaller models are...
  2. PurpleCrumpets

    Glorious PC Gaming Race GMMK Keyboards - Now with USB C?

    Based on the product page for the GMMK keyboard, the connection between the keyboard and the USB cable is micro USB; however, in the reviews of the keyboard people are beginning to mention that this is now USB C instead (hallelujah!). Does anyone know if the USB C keyboards have filtered through...
  3. kisserik93

    Ducky - Varmilo - GMMK --- Which one should I choose?

    Hi! I would like to buy a new mechanical keyboard. I've narrowed my options down to the Varmilo VA109M CMYK (with Cherry mx silent red switches) Ducky Shine 7 (with Cherry mx silent red switches) Ducky One 2 RGB Full (with Cherry mx silent red switches) The Glorious GMMK (with Cherry mx...
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